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DIY Tumblr Inspired Canopy/Fort

Sometimes during my many sleepless nights, I find myself tumbling. No really, tumbling on da Tumblr. Okay that was so cheesy but we gonna go with it. I recently moved out my bed in my room-don’t ask- because I believed that it hampered with my productivity *cricket chirp*.  Obviously that was by no way a smart idea but still, I didn’t want a bed in my room anymore-I wanted something like a bed but more cosy and cute.

That’s where I came up with the idea of a canopy/fort. There are so many ways you can build a canopy and one of the easiest is if you have a bed of course, so in my case, it was a little different. I decided to use a hula hoop to create my little nook in my room and trust me, it was the easiest thing ever- it does help that it also takes up very little space and is E&I [easy & inexpensive].  Not to mention tumblr-ish especially with the fairy lights right?


So far, I spent two cosy nights in my canopy fort and it was soo comfy. I edit videos and read with my little bro and if I want to sleep, I can easily just pull out the comforter and make it a night.

What you need: 

- a hula hoop: the bigger the hoop the bigger the canopy

- at least 2 curtains: 4 is ideal since it would be able to facilitate the 4 pieces of ribbon/tulle that would hold the canopy. I used 2 in this DIY and in the video, I show you how you can get around that

- ribbon/tulle

- fairy lights

- comforters, blankets, pillows


 I will definitely be adding some more throw pillows to this stash soon enough!


Look who came to visit!

BTW, this VS wall…should it be white or no? Lemme know!


XO, Roxy!

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