L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints Review & Swatches

For my Beauty on a Budget series this month, I’m featuring the L.A. Girl Cosmetics Glazed Lip Paints because they really are a must-try must-have product. I was a bit hesitant at first since glosses really aren’t my think [you know I'm mad about matte] but these were different from the typical glosses that I’ve tried-and disliked- for many reasons.

These have a lovely peppermint tingly feeling when you apply it, kind of like the way the Revlon Just Bitten Kissables feel. They say it has an extra glossy finish which I do agree with but personally for me, it’s not like the icky glossy feeling that normal glosses have nor does it look oily. The gloss feeling is so bearable and it really looks so polished and pretty on your lips- I guess that that’s the ‘glazed’ description comes from. It’s also moisturizing since it contains Vitamin E which is definitely a plus.

Yes yes, I did take pictures of the lip swatches for the first time everrr. I don’t know how I feel about it but I did try since so many of you had asked me to do it like this. In the video above, you can also see me try on the product. I definitely gotta practice more smiling consistently #awks

The cost of it is $4.00 here and for the quality of these lippies, it’s a steal of a deal!

Lip Paint Swatches

Lip Paint Swatches

la swatch

They are so richly pigmented-these are a single swatch and see how rich the colours are?



la swatch2

la swatch3

The packaging does resemble the Melted by Two Faced (you can see it in the video) but they definitely aren’t dupes!

Hope you enjoyed this review and swatches!

XO, The Classy It Girl!



Beyonce’s Back to School Stationery Line?!

I love Queen B and anything she  does is #FLAWLESS. Take for instance, her fab back-to-school bundle where you can get 6 BEYoutiful pieces of stationery for only $75. Would you splurge? I sure would!

And you may be wondering why the backpack is highlighted but lemme give you the DL. The back packs are $125 and are part of a limited edition collection. But that’s not all. When you buy one, one would be in turn given to a child in need. It’s part of Beyonce’s #BeyGOOD campaign. I mean come on, what’s not to love right?

But yes, everything else is collectively $75 which is a steal of a deal if you ask me. I love the pencils which have the name of a song in the front, and the icon’s powerful one word name at the back. I also am smitten by the pencil case and MINE tote.




You can check out everything here.

What is your fave piece of the collection? Let me know!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


Fit Tea 28 Day Detox & My New Healthy Lifestyle

There comes a time in every 20 something year old’s life where you just gotta really say ‘hold up- I need to start watching what I’m eating”.

Yep, that was me in a nutshell. I guess the wakeup call came after vacation and I was 115 lbs-say what?!

Yes. And I wasn’t too happy about it.

I always wanted to try a detox but I had no idea where to start or what to do. I’m not into crazy dieting or juicing so I knew I needed something that I could be committed to to help me out with my detox. And I mean it was the perfect time to do after vacation and going into the new school semester.

So I got something called Fit Tea and I loved it for so many reasons- probably the first of which is that 20 something days later (I got a thing for 20s) I’m now 108 lbs. You heard me. 1-0-freaking-8 lbs. I could not be happier.

you can check out the video to see how I prepare it!

you can check out the video to see how I prepare it!


Here’s why I love Fit Tea:

- it’s an all natural product and not some weird powder so I feel more comfortable taking it [in the video you can see what it looks like]

- you just have to drink it ONCE a day: in the morning or before a workout. From reading up about a ton of teas like this, I always see that you have to drink it more than once for the day and I have to be realistic, there is NO way I would ever be committed to that. Like EVER.

- it’s just a cup of hot/cold water you have to add to 1 tbsp for the tea [I use a tea steeper thing. If you watch the video and know what it's called just let me know please!]

- it says it’s a fat burner and I strongly think that that’s true. I mean hullloooo I’ve lost like 7 lbs since drinking this

- it soothes and cleanses your digestive system- true.

Personally, for me, I feel like it works as an appetite suppressant tbh. Because when I drink this, the little piggy in me says bye bye and I’m left feeling full at the slightest bit of food. Even I am impressed with myself.

But the real reason I loved Fit Tea is because once I saw it working, it gave me the motivation I needed to completely 360 my life.

Here are some changes I made: 

- I don’t eat any “bad” carbs anymore aka white bread, white flour and anything made from it, white pasta etc. Instead, I’ve replaced it with quinoa and couscous and whole grained products like that so the craving is not really there anymore. I even rejected pizza, yes, PIZZA, twice in two weeks.

- I don’t drink anything with a fizz in it- except the occasional champagne- so that’s like Coke, the #1 enemy and other sodas etc. I never used to drink it much before but not I cut it out completely.

- I don’t drink much fruit juices from the pack anymore because HULLOOO have you see how much sugar they have in it??????

- I drink more than 1L of water a day because I always keep a mason jar on my desk to sip on-like I’m doing now- and then when i go to the gym [yes, we'll get to that] , it’s like 4 cups of water there already.

- I don’t eat anything that is fried at all. Thinking about fried anything legit disgusts me right now. How can that even be healthy?????

- I grill practically everything if it can be grilled and I incorporate a ton of vegetables and peas [I'm vegetarian/pescatarian] in every possible thing I make. I was thinking about trying the raw diet, but let’s not get carried away. We must be realistic sometimes in life.

If you have been keeping up with this blog, you would have seen recipes I posted for these: caprese salad & stuffed avocado and let me tell you, there’s a lot coming your way!


avo4- I got to the gym 5 out of 7 days. I used to go everyday but again, I want to be realistic because I mean I’m only human and I’m exhausted most of the times. BUT, when I don’t go like tonight cause it was storming, I make sure to do something at home.

So that’s basically a run down of everything that I do and I am seeing little changes here and there but, I know there won’t be a massive change suddenly. But I’ll keeping working at it and doing what I’m doing and I know in a few months, I’ll get where I want to be.

I want to stress that this is a lifestyle that I have adopted and not a diet. This is how I have been living for close to a month now and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It does take a LOT of discipline [hello, that pizza] but it will be worth it.

I’m not so sure how I feel about cheat days because tbh, after eating so much amazing and wholesome food, the thought of eating fast food and unhealthy things like that honestly crawls the heck outta my blood.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you want to know about anything else concerning my new lifestyle and I will be happy to help motivate you!

XO, The Classy It Girl!



DIY School Supplies-Easy & Inexpensive

My loves! So for those of you who didn’t know, last night I put up another Back-to-School video on my channel and it was all about DIYing cute stationery supplies for school. Normally, I would synch my blog and channel together but after 60 minutes of spin and another 60 minutes of zumba, I came home slightly paralyzed and extremely tired. Hence, I didn’t get a chance to prepare this blog post and I wanted to give it my all so I decided to wait until today instead of doing it halfway.

This no-sew pencil case is one of my personal faves because it’s so ridiculously easy to make it’s almost unbelievable. I think I will be going a bit overboard making these.

Material list: 

- 1 sheet of felt

- hot glue

- button

- needle/thread

diy1I don’t know about you but I LOVE pencils. There’s just something so lovely about a newly sharpened pencil. And something even more fabulous about having pretty glitter tips like these!


- pencils and btw, I love these wooden ones because it’s so vintage-chic and old fashioned [Superpharm, Trinidad]

- glitter nail polish

diy2Transform boring old paper clips into pretty ones like these! Now, you’ll be able to find pages faster than ever and it adds that lovely personalized touch we all love in stationery.


- paperclips

- hot glue

- paper appliqués [Keith Khans bookstore, Trinidad ]

- OR buttons



Washi tape binder clips are so easy and fun to make-you can tend to get carried away like i almost did. They look so pretty and will definitely help keep your stacks of paper more organized.


- binder clips

- washi tape



Spice up boring notebooks with ones with gorgeous gift paper like these! I honestly feel like gift paper has just evolved into such vibrant designs and there are just so many you can choose from to personalize your notebooks. The only thing with this DIY is that you have to be very careful not to get air bubbles when placing the gift paper on the books. For an even more unique touch, you can add washi tape to the spines of the books!


- gift paper [Superpharm, Trinidad]

- glue

- foam brush (optional)

- washi tape (optional)



The earbud/headphone holder was my personal fave and I mean it’s not hard to figure out why! It’s made from an old clothespin with washi tape on the sides. Don’t believe me? Check the video above and you’ll fall in love just like I did. You can make a bunch and give them away to your friends!


- clothespin

- washi tape

diy6I hope you enjoyed this DIY and let me know what was your fave in the comments below!

Happy DIYing!

The Classy It Girl!



Sunday Brunch-Fashion Diary

My loves! Hope you’re having an amazing Sunday.

With everything going on I’m trying to do a fashion post once a week but don’t hold me to it! We’ll see how this juggling act will go when I’m starting back school and work. Gulp.

But let’s not dwell on that right now. Onto some fashion.

I had brunch with my mom and brother to celebrate her birthday and this was the outfit I put together.


Dress: H&M

Sunnies: Forever21

polk2I love that the sleeves are a bit different than what you would have expected. The lace detailing adds such a pretty and girly pop to this dress.


Bag: Michael Kors 

The Michael Kors Large Selma Top-Zip Satchel here is the exact bag.


Faux Pearls: Wonderful World



There’s something that’s so preppy but chic about this outfit and I love it. Of course, the wind was billowing away and creaked awkward ripples in the fabric but I’m still loving it anyway.


Pumps: I bought these shoes ages ago and I can’t remember where I got it from. But, this is exactly like it.


polk9Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think.

XO, The Classy It Girl!



Grilled Avocado with Fresh Tomato and Pepper Salsa

Hello my loves! Welcome back to #theclassyitgirldishes Did you see what I did there?

Since I’ve cut out all the icky bad carbs from my diet, I’ve been focused on eating as much fruits and vegetables as I possibly can- don’t worry, I’m not going all “raw” on you. I love my food slightly cooked-especially steamed and grilled- so you won’t see any kind of weird dieting things on this blog.

On and FYI for those you don’t know, I’m vegetarian- well pescatarian- if you wanna get fancy, so most of the recipes featured here will be suited to such.

Today, I’m gonna share with you on of the dishes that I had for lunch today.

Grilled avocado with fresh tomato and pepper salsa, grilled portobello mushrooms and grilled tofu steak

Grilled avocado with fresh tomato and pepper salsa, grilled portobello mushrooms and grilled tofu steak


For the grilled avocado: 

-half it and then remove the pit

-on your grill pan, drizzle some olive oil and then place the halves on it


For the tomato and pepper salsa: 

-halve cherry/grape tomatoes

- dice mini bell peppers, onion and a clove of garlic, peppermint leaves and parsley

- drizzle with olive oil

- add a sprinkle of black pepper



At the last minute I decided to sprinkle it with some delicious crumbled feta.


P.S. Arent’ grill marks the prettiest things ever?

Would you like me to do more recipe posts?

Sound off below!

XO, The Classy It Girl!



DORM Essentials you Forget to Pack

Dorm season is in full swing and for those of you first-timers or even veterans, there’s some things that you just forget to pack. In my first year at Uni, I spent it on hall and there’s a few many things that I wished I packed. Now, I’m here to offer you some wisdom and a checklist you can print.

The video details why you should pack these things in case you were curious and also, it’s a collab with Laurie who did an overall Dorm Checklist which you definitely should check out here.


To print, just right click and open the image in a new tab!

Oh, and for those of you who didn’t see my Dorm It Up video, you should totally check it out here. Dorm It Up is an amazing company that ships dorm supplies right to your door. It’s legit one of the best dorm sites ever! Click here to get $10 off with the code: CLASSYITGIRL

Dorm EssentialsHave fun packing!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


The BEST Note-Taking Tips-#B2SwithParisandRoxy

Hello my beautiful readers!

Today is an exciting day just because it’s the second video on our Back to School series on my channel. IKR-getting ready for school is very freaking amazing!

No really-you can make it that way. If you haven’t seen our last video or you just need to remind yourself to have a positive attitude, be sure to check out Classroom Attitude 101 with Paris. If you also wanna get some more ideas and study tips be sure to check out this book.

Today’s video is definitely more work intensive so be sure to pull out your pen and take some notes!

Here are the pictures of my notebook that I used in the video, just in case you wanted to see it in more detail.


notes2 notes3 notes4 notes5


Hope you enjoyed this video and it helped you in some way!

XO, The Classy It Girl!

From top to bottom: Toast, Almond, Natural, Creamy Beige

How I Cream Contour & Highlight with L.A. Girl Cosmetics

My loves! So you know I’m not a “beauty guru” of any sort but I do love doing my own makeup and I live for that natural look. Contouring and highlighting are therefore a crucial part of my life because it helps to refine and slim down-who doesn’t love sleek cheekbones?!- my entire face. I never leave the house without contouring because personally, it’s a must for me and I do it because I want to.

So it’s no surprise that when L.A. Girl Cosmetics [Thank you so much Vanessa!] sent me this yummy bag of makeup goodies I gravitated towards the Pro Conceal HD line. It’s a fantastic product for many reasons. It’s crease resistant and best of all, it gives you that gorgeous natural coverage that is TDF [to die for].

And the price- can we get an O-M-G- it’s only $5.00 US for 1 here and $2.99 here. Umm hello what are you waiting for?!

Because of the very large selection [18 to be exact] of colours ranging from deep browns to paler hues, it makes it not only perfect for all skin tones, but also great for both highlighting, concealing and contouring!

From top to bottom: Toast, Almond, Natural, Creamy Beige

The next best thing is the fact that they have a brush tip applicator which essentially means it’s perfect for makeup beginners since it’s so easy to use- and fun! It reminds of face painting except you won’t look like a clown- cause we don’t do that clown look.


conceal3 I chose Toast for a heavier contour and Almond for a more everyday wear. Similarly, Natural is perfect for an everyday highlight and Creamy Beige is for those days when you’re really tired or you want a ‘Kim Kardashian-esque” look as I call it- and who doesn’t want that? I personally won’t go for that look for the everyday me but for glam events why not?

Here’s an easy HOW TO- or rather- WHERE TO contour and highlight picture and be sure to watch the video for the tutorial!



Hope this was helpful to you in some way!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


Golden Leopard – Fashion Diary

Hello my loves! Tonight I’m sharing a fashion post-gosh I miss doing these! I went to dinner with my bff Chey tonight and the theme of my outfit was Golden Leopard. No I’m not drunk [blame it on her for the name].

Leopard is one of my favourite prints to wear but it can easily turn towards into a ghets look if you’re not careful- especially when gold is added to the mix. To avoid that, I focused the metals in this outfit on my fingers in the form of dainty little rings. That way, it doesn’t overpower my outfit or the print.




Arm Candy: Charming Charlie [my FAVE jewelry store ever]

Rings:  Charming Charlie [of course]

That one arrow ring though is from Forever 21 and it came with a matching black one which I might never use but you know what they say- never say never!


Gold Metallic Clutch- Wonderful World [Trinidad]

A chiffon shirt makes the outfit so chic and again, it all goes in the theme of keeping it classy and stylish without going overboard. Personally, I think that with animal prints in particular, it’s best to stick with a solid top/bottom so as to avoid the indiscriminate catastrophe of clashing prints.

Shirt: H&M



Shorts: H&M

The main part of this outfit and my soon to be live-in obsesh is this leopard print shorts. Everything about it screams perfection and for me, it fits just right since it’s not overly short and tight because that’s something I’m super uncomfortable in since I have you know, a few curves here and there. It’s also very easy to dress up like I did here or even dress down with a nice comfortable sweater or oversized tee.



Let me know what you think of wearing animal prints! How would you mix n’ match?! Sound off below!

XO, The Classy It Girl!